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 Originally thought to be too cold for Pinot Noir, this far deep-end vineyard at the northwestern edge of the Anderson Valley in Mendocino County pushes the limits of where our favorite grape will grow. In 2003, we purchased a small amount of the fruit to blend into our signature Blue Jay Pinot, which we were producing at the time. We soon realized that the vineyard provided a very complex flavor profile that had merit as a stand-alone wine, and in 2004 we bottled 60 cases of our first single vineyard bottling from the site. In 2006, the Hein Family decided their family commitments no longer allowed them to keep farming the vineyard. It was a perfect fit for us and we agreed to buy the vineyard in partnership with our winemaker at the time, Wells Guthrie who also loved the site. That relationship remained intact until 2010 when we agreed to sell the property to Wells and his investors. Since that time we have continued to source a couple tons of fruit each year, making it our longest running single vineyard designate wine. The result? Nothing less than perfect! Over the years it’s typically a beautiful Pinot Noir, lighter in than its Sonoma counterparts containing more earthy red fruit flavors and spice that highlight the wine.
$360.00 per Bottle