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Roger Roessler Wines Signature Series

Originally thought to be too cold for Pinot Noir, this far deep-end Vineyard at the North Western boarder of the Anderson Valley really is pushing the limits of where our favorite grape will grow. This cold site requires excruciating attention to ensure even and slow ripening while keeping the elements at bay. The result? Nothing less than perfect: it’s beautiful and light Pinot Noir containing more depth than 99% of other Northern California Pinots. A light anise flaovor compliments the earthy red fruit flavors that highlight this wine.
$54.00 per Bottle
$56.00 per Bottle
While Roessler is primarily focused on expressions of Pinot Noir, what would life be without a little variety? And, when we came across a site that produced wine that so throughly creates the kind of Merlot we feel is not usually found, we knew we wanted to craft our first Merlot in the long history of the Roessler brothers relationship to wine and grapes in California.

Long thought the finest place for growing Bordeaux grapes, the Oak Knoll Bench in Napa Valley provides ample sunlight, and a craggy, red granite rich soil that’s perfect for ripening Merlot. As cold winds blow north off the San Pablo bay, temperatures drop to the high 40’s, providing a little “rest” for the grapes so they can shut down and the hang-time for complex flavor development.
$42.00 per Bottle
BBL is short and in the cellar for Barrel, but one taste and you’ll know there’s nothing short about this lush and enthralling Pinot Noir. Every year, Roger and Drew pick 3 barrels that, when blended together, represent something decadent, beautiful and truly special. At first they thought they might drink it all, but after some consideration, they decided to share a bit.
$70.00 per Bottle
Owned and farmed by our old friend and long-time Roessler Lover, Mike Cooper, the Bogey is a rustic, ripe and lovely mountain grown Pinot Noir. With its Southern exposure, affording views all the way to the Bay Bridge, cool winds come off the San Pablo Bay and make for extra hang-time and gentle slow flavor development. Always a favorite of ours, we’re just sad at how little there is every year.
$45.00 per Bottle
$50.00 per Bottle
$60.00 per Bottle